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The NAFMC Foundation is a not-for-profit volunteer organization established in 2001 to support the ongoing financial requirements of the National Air Force Museum of Canada. It relies solely on volunteers and the philanthropic support of donors.

Our Mission

The mission of the NAFMC Foundation is to provide ongoing support to the National Air Force Museum of Canada for yearly operations and growth, through the solicitations of private sector donations, in both the Bay of Quinte region and the nation at large.

The Foundation will strive to ensure that the unique role of military aviation, and the men and women that served therein, in Canada's development is preserved and cherished.

Our Vision

The Foundation achieves its objectives by creating and managing fundraising events and encouraging donations and bequests from individuals and organizations.
Our Mission

Our Mandate

The mandate of the NAFMC Foundation is to raise funds to be made available to the Museum to support operations, enhance exhibits, and provide financial support for capital projects.

Goals and Objectives

The Foundation, working collaboratively with Museum Board, will develop a Philanthropic Plan to secure financial support from public and private entities in conjunction with grants from Federal, Provincial, and Municipal governments to support these initiatives.

Although the NAFMC is a part of the RCAF, 60% of its operating and capital requirements must be provided from non- government sources.

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