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National Air Force Museum of Canada Foundation

Annual Golf Tournament

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June 21, 2024

Special for RCAF 2024 Centennial

RCAF Tartan Golf Shirts will be available April 1.

Watch for more details.


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We wish to thank you for your past support of the National Air Force Museum of Canada Foundation.

We are once more fundraising for the Museum and hope that you’ll 

support us again by purchasing a 2024 100th Anniversary Calendar

They also can be purchased directly from the Museum’s Gift Shop;

call 613.965.7314

or email at

for mail order.

 Thank you in advance for your support and understanding which is greatly appreciated!

This calendar celebrates the planes of the RCAF on its 100 anniversary. These 12 planes played a major role in the RCAF history and were built in Canada.

The photos are relatively unseen from the National Air Force Museum of Canada archives or in the case of the Griffon helicopter, the photo was taken by a pilot in Afghanistan.

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